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Good News for Senior Citizens – Buy Health Insurance at Affordable Premiums

Jul 27, 2015

Old age is indeed the golden era of life. After having worked hard the entire life to perform duties and meet responsibilities, old age gives you blessed moments to sit back and relax.

On the flip side, old age is also marred with fragile health and numerous ailments. Each health issue holds the potency to disturb physical, emotional and financial well-being. Fortunately, a health insurance cover provides the all-important protection against financial outflows.

Unlike earlier times when a health insurance policy was only for the hale and hearty, present-day health insurance plans cater to different needs. Right from providing risk cover for varied ailments to offering comprehensive health insurance packages for senior citizens; today's insurance industry has an entire range in of policies.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

With the medical expenses increasing at an exponential rate, a senior citizen health insurance cover proves to be a boon for people who missed out on taking one in their prime years of life.

Thus, with a Senior Citizen, health insurance cover one can

  • Avail best medical facilities without being financially drained
  • Enjoy cashless treatments for varied ailments
  • Enjoy the tax exemptions under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act

Features of a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

  • Age eligibility: 60 – 75 years
  • Sum Insured: 15/20/25 lakh
  • Continuous renewal of a policy with annual premiums
  • Allows lifetime renewal
  • No pre-insurance medical test required
  • Covers pre-existing ailments from second year onwards
  • Health cover can be taken individually or jointly with the spouse
  • Covers both in-patient and out-patient treatment expenses
  • All day-care procedures covered

A senior citizen Medical & health insurance plan is the best way to ensure that your golden years of life are the brightest in every way. Call +9230091000 to know more about an ideal Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan and a personalized presentation .