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Give Your Employee The Best Gift, Give Them A Health Insurance!

Apr 10, 2019

Employees toil hard. They invest their time and knowledge to help the organization stride fruitfully towards its mission and vision. Certainly, the company too should pitch in meaningfully to make this competitive journey purposeful for all.

A Group Health Insurance Policy can indeed be rated as the best gift that an employer can present his employees. Given the uncertainties of life, a corporate health insurance policy is a grossly appreciated tool that builds trust among the employees. With their mind-share being free of financial worries that are associated with ever-increasing health care cost, they'll definitely put in their extra bit and help the company reap the desired results.

In addition to the above, employees further enjoy the following benefits:
Increased benefits at a low premium: A group health insurance policy is way cheap than individual health insurance covering. Being insured via their employer, the employees enjoy the comprehensive advantages of an individual health insurance cover at the lowest premium payouts.

Immediate cover without waiting time: By virtue of being on the payrolls of a company the employee starts enjoying the benefits of health insurance. Ironically, under an individual health insurance plan, these benefits come into play only after a pre-defined waiting period.

No-Cash Deal: In the event of medical emergencies setting-in, the employees can avail treatments and undergo pre-diagnostic tests, medical procedures and hospitalization without spending from the pocket. In fact, these cashless dealings do not further add to the physical sufferings of the patient and family. The claim is settled directly with the corporate head.

Full Family Floater: In addition to insuring employees, the corporate health insurance plan also provides the facility of the full family floater. Thus, if opted for, all dependent members of the employee are covered under a single corporate health insurance plan.

While the benefits seem immense for employees, a corporate health insurance plan is equally fruitful for the company.

The benefits that an employer enjoys are listed below:

Keeps the employees motivated: In the current day scenario the health care expenditure is increasing at a swirling rate. The feeling of being insured and financially protected during this tough time keeps the employees motivated.

Boosts productivity: Being financially secured against unexpected medical expenditure motivates employees and ensures that they invest their entire mind-share in the best interest of the company.

Best facilities at low cost: Purchased in bulk for all employees, a group health insurance cover can be negotiated well with the insurance provider. Thus, the lowest premiums are paid for maximum coverage and benefits.

Tax Incentives: The premium paid by the employer is deductible from the company's income. Thus, the employer can enjoy tax deductions under the Income Tax Act.

Some Noted Features of Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporate

  • Eligibility – Any company with 7 employees or more employees
  • Covers pre-existing diseases from date of joining
  • Maternity cover available for both female and male employees
  • New-born child insured from Day 1.
  • All pre and post hospitalization expenses covered
  • Accounts for all hospitalization expenses including procedure cost, drugs, and room rent component.
  • Covers an extensive list of Day-Care procedures.

Group Health Insurance for Corporate extends the most comprehensive health care coverage to your employees. Call us at +91 9230091000 and allow us to help you pick the best plan for your company. Treat your employees with this best gift today!